Making your music and brand stand out in an overcrowded industry can be a hard task, don’t make it harder on yourself by doing the things outlined below.

When it comes to getting your music out there and getting recognized by the BUSINESS side of the industry (ex: blogs/journalists/media/booking agents etc. – people that can really help put a push behind your music) there are some serious “rules of the game” that can either make or break your first impression and overall perception of your music and brand.
In other words, there are certain things that artists do that really hinder their chances of being taken seriously, no matter how great their music is.
If you’re one of the artists that do any of the following things, you’re definitely making it much harder on yourself to get recognized.

The following tactics make you appear “amateur” (and can actually deter people from even listening to your music in the first place):

1. Tagging people in your music and videos on Facebook. This is very common and one of the most amateur tactics there is. There’s so many artists (mainly rappers) that don’t genuinely reach out to people (they don’t even say hello) but yet they’ll tag 100 people that they’ve never had a conversation with in hopes that they’ll listen to