If there’s anyone in this music industry that you should listen to, our first pick would definitely be Wendy Day. Aside from being one of the most compassionate and integrity driven individuals you can meet, she also gives some of the most valuable music industry knowledge for indie artists, managers – honestly ANYONE in the music industry can learn from her.

At Taste Creators we consider ourselves to be indie artist advocates. It can be a really long and daunting task to get your music heard amongst the thousands and thousands of other talented individuals so Indie artists need our support more than ever. That’s a big part of the reason why we started this site to begin with, and it’s also why we’re always giving advice to artists whenever we can.Below we’ve gathered up some of Wendy Day’s most knowledgable youtube videos and compiled them all in this one post for your learning pleasure.

Grab a pen and pad (or your ipad or tablet if that’s more your thing) and get ready to take a ton of notes.

How success is measured in the music industry

Wendy talks about the measurements that are used to measure success in the music industry. She touches on radio and BDS/Mediabase spins, music sales (digital downloads and actual cd sales), soundscan, bar codes, streaming, and more.


How Do Producers Get Paid?

In this video, wendy interviews deborah mannis-gardener who’s responsible for clearing thousands of samples for producers. They discuss split sheets, must use producer contracts, pricing beats, keeping an artist database, metadata, and a bunch of other tips and knowledge.

EPs Or Full Length Album Releases

Wendy talks about EPs vs full length releases in terms of budgeting, marketing and dictating what’s best for you as an artist.


Success Without A Budget

In this video Wendy interviews music industry entrepreneur, Jake Palumbo. They discuss building relationships in the industry, nurturing your fan base, target audience, analytics, social media and more.


What Is Your Budget?

In this video Wendy breaks down the inter-workings of an artists promo budget. She also walks us through her method of promotion.


Street Promotions

The title to this video actually does it no justice because it’s so much more than info on street teams. In this video Wendy interviews music industry entrepreneur Kingpin and he breaks down everything from how to promote your music on a small budget (in this case small is $10,000 or less) to relationship building and more.

For MANY more extremely helpful videos, be sure to check out Wendy’s Youtube channel. She also does weekly live chats where she answers your questions live on Youtube so be sure to subscribe and continue to soak up the knowledge.

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