The Philly Music Scene is BOOMING. Put some RESPEK on it!

There’s a lot going on in this lovely city we love to hate. We’re not a gossip site so we’re not gonna give you the “tea,” but what we WILL do is give you a taste of the passionate music that’s been coming out of our scene lately by highlighting some of the dope hip hop music that was just released in this past week. The passion in these songs is inevitable and will surely have you nodding your head uncontrollably (hopefully you’re not at work or else you might look a little weird lol).
For starters we have Theodore Grams. He just released a new track titled, “Eric Snow” and #PhillyTwitter blew up and actually had the song trending the same day it was released. This song is just a teaser for what’s to come from Grams. We got a sneak peek at his new album which features a phenomenal producer by the name of… well we can’t tell you that yet or Grams will kill us lol but stay tuned because you’re definitely in for a treat when it drops. In the meantime, enjoy this track below.

Next we have three artists in Philly who are really making a mark on the scene. They are Miles Chancellor, Hoax Pain and Anyee Wright. Separately these artists are killin it, so we were excited when we saw that all three of them were featured on this next track called “215 Forever” which really sums up that no matter what goes down, we rep 215 foreva! Check it out:

Now we’re gonna switch up the vibe a bit with this new joint from one of our favorites, Joie Kathos, as she teams up with Philly’s #1 singing quartet, Good Girl, on an energetic remix of Beyonce’s hit single, “Formation.”

Now we can’t possibly fit all the music that Philly has to offer on this one list, so we’re preparing something really special for you guys to make up for it. Stay tuned!