And we’re back at it with this weeks #TastyTuesdays playlist!

Here at Taste Creators, we’re known for bringing attention to indie music that is just as good (if not better) than the music you hear on the radio. There’s so much music floating around in this world, and some of the best music has to be discovered on your own time.
Whether we’re searching through Soundcloud, or receiving submissions from artists and other trusted sources in the music world, we’re here to do the digging for you and present you with the best music we find on a weekly basis.
We like to blend different vibes and genre’s with every list we create. Every playlist is different. You might hear one that starts off with some uptempo dance music, or maybe some reggae, or maybe it’ll be a beautiful ballad. Sometimes you’ll want to turn up as soon as you press play, other times you’ll get lost in the lyricism. Our promise to you is that you’ll find at least a few tracks on every playlist that you’ll add to your own (or else we’re not doing our job).
To check out this weeks #TastyTuesdays playlist, press play above.
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