This weeks rendition of our #TastyTuesdays playlist features a song for every mood.

This weeks #TastyTuesdays playlist features multiple genre’s for you to enjoy throughout your week, so no matter what mood you’re in we have something for ya. This weeks playlist starts off with one of our Philly favorites, Official Dilemma with “Whisper” which is an upbeat track guaranteed to put you in a better mood. The playlist also features IAmDuvv who’s EP was just featured on The Fader. We saw her perform live last week in Philly and just HAD to check her out and we were definitely pleased with what we heard. And what would our #TastyTuesdays list be without the official #CharlieHeat version of Mir Fontaine’s “Wanni Wag” featuring Ish Williams?
Press play and enjoy your #TastyTuesday