Press PLAY above and enjoy the latest tracks on the last #TastyTuesday’s Playlist of August 2016.

If you’ve been with us for a while then you already know Tuesday is our favorite day of the week. If you’re new to the site, WELCOME! We hope you stay for a while.
We’ve discovered a lot of new music and artists this week so expect many different vibes. While most of our content is rooted in hip-hop, we’re sure there’s something on the list for lovers of any genre.
The playlist starts off with a new track from one of our Philly favorites, Marv Mack. His “Do Better” collab with Miles Chancellor  made an appearance on last weeks playlist and now he’s back with a new track entitled “Hands Full.” Marv’s on a roll and we can’t wait to hear what he has up his sleeve next.
The playlist also features DuckWrth with his latest song, “Rare Panther + Beachhouse” which kept our attention as soon as we pressed play. The third song on the playlist is by London artist Cadenza with “People”which is followed up by Mothica, “Out of It.”
A few of our favorite ladies from #SisterhoodofHipHop also make an appearance on this playlist, including Audra the Rapper with “Bxtchlxss” and Lee Mazin ft. Brianna Perry, “TOB.” We had the pleasure of interviewing Audra a few days ago so stay tuned for that!
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