Check Out Our First Official #TasteCreators Premiere of Chelle’s “Drake” EP.

This is our FIRST official Taste Creators premiere so you know it must be special! Chelle has been on our radar since she released her “Coldest Drug” single on SoundCloud a few months back, and now we have the honor of premiering her new DRAKE EP, which is actually her first official project.
Her first project, our first premiere – it just makes sense. 
The project was written by Chelle and fully produced by MartianOnTheBeat who Chelle calls, “her 40.” The production on the EP is full of samples from some of our personal favorite Drake songs – such as “Aubrey’s Interlude” which sampled “Lust For Life” and “Shenanigans” which sampled “Bria’s Interlude.”
But calling your project “DRAKE” is a pretty bold move and the concept of the project actually goes a lot deeper than you may think. “Drake means so much more to me than a guy who made it & gained all this respect & glory, says Chelle. “This guy and his music saved me & carried me to this point that I am at today.”

“I didn’t have a lot of real friends growing up. I remember sitting in my bathtub – knife to my wrist, headphones plugged in – 13 years old & I thought, ‘why do you even wanna be here anymore? what’s your purpose?’ There was this long silence as I added more pressure & then it rang through, his voice, his “hand” •• ‘I’m tryna do it all tonight, I got plans. I gotta certain lust for life & as it stands.  & EVERYTHING IS GOING AS RIGHT AS IT CAN.’ The song kept playing & I let go of that knife & I picked up that pen.”

Her project has shown to be highly anticipated by her “Seashells,” as she likes to call her supporters.

“I’m humble. I’m not the best but I’m striving for it. My fans or “Seashells” as I like to call em’ understand that. I love them for that. I’m truly blessed. Their support & feedback makes me a better jawn & artist.”

And if you thought the story couldn’t get any deeper, we found out that Chelle was actually homeless during half of the recording process.

“I was homeless for a huge part of this project so everyday was a new challenge or wall I had to knock down. But I have to say The Pyramid Studios (where I recorded the entire project) really held me down. There was a time when I couldn’t pay & they let me stay at the studio & work because they believed in me – it was love & I felt right at home, everyday.”

Chelle represents every girl and guy out there that feels or has felt like they had nothing to believe in and no one to count on. The lost boy or girl searching for guidance & love. In a generation where music radiates negativity and poor content is overshadowed by trap beats, Chelle aims to restore that genuine feeling of happiness and love.

“You see girls like me aren’t given much to believe in. My father left. My mother is single, black, and sometimes her hurt breathes through her bitterness so LOVE & HOPE weren’t really taught in my household. I grew up feeling very alone & misunderstood. But when I heard him [Drake] I believed .. I wanted love .. I wanted to do what he did for me, for others, for as long as I walk this earth. I don’t want people to be happy just for the party. Lets restore that feeling you got when ya moms played Sade in the house while she was cleaning & cooking. That’s love. That’s the right way to do music in my opinion.”

Stream Chelle’s official “DRAKE” EP above and be sure to stay in touch with her on Twitter.