We caught up with Sylvan Lacue at the Philadelphia stop for his “Loner” Tour and he gave us the inside scoop on what it’s like curating your own tour.

From creating music that has been shared on numerous #TastyTuesday’s playlists to curating his own tour on his own to being the change he wishes to see through his #WiseUP Academy,Sylvan Lacue is the true definition of a #TasteCreator.
We caught up with Sylvan when he came to Philly as part of his “Loner Tour” – we were even lucky enough to sign his jacket that he wears and lets fans sign so that he can keep them close at all times. It’s little touches like that that make Sylvan truly stand out as an artist and individual.

We talked to him about why he called his tour “The Loner Tour” and he gave us details on how he was able to book his entire tour on his own. Check out the video (above) and read some of our favorite stand out quotes from the interview below.

Location: Ethik Clothing on South Street in Philadelphia. “The Loner Tour” – Shot by @LerStevens

Sylvan Lacue on the definition of a Taste Creator:

“A Taste Creator is someone who isn’t afraid to voice what their genuine interests are.” – Sylvan Lacue

Sylvan Lacue on putting together his own tour:

“It was definitely a challenging experience. The initial process is a lot easier than seeing it through. And I think booking and putting it together and routing it is the first step, but making sure it goes through – thats when the work comes in. Going spot to spot, date to date, making sure your openers are fine and everyone is compensated for what they needed to be compensated for and then turning that hat off and becoming an artist and making sure that your fans are getting the experience that they want. It’s definitely challenging but I wouldn’t want it any other way. With this tour I want to set the example that no matter what your resources are or whats available to you, just go out there and try to make it happen and figure out whats going on. Nothing can can stop you from making your dreams come true.”

Sylvan Lacue on what it took to make the tour happen:

“I started off by routing everything and putting the tour together and I figured I would get somebody to manage it and see it through. But then that wasn’t happening and I wasn’t trusting anyone that was coming along to actually make it happen. So I was like ‘alright well I guess I have to manage and see this whole process through myself.’ And I paid for everything and I funded the entire tour. So it really is the loner tour. And on top of that I’m really going spot to spot by myself. “

Sylvan Lacue’s advice for indie artists:

“Everybody’s route is different. Just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. For any up-and-coming artist, your story will always be different than the next. It’s very important to not compare your story to somebody else’s. Your come up might be a lot easier or it could take as lot longer. But whatever it is, find your way and find what works for you. If it works for you, be an example of why it worked for you so that other artists can take from it as well.
Realize it’s gonna take a lot of work, a lot of patience, and a lot of time. At the end of the day this is still a commitment. It may not feel like a job because it’s what we love but it’s a commitment.”

sylvan lacue
Taste Creators was honored to sign Sylvans jacket that he wore for every date of his Loner Tour [Pictured Above]