#TastySessions is a new series brought to you by Taste Creators that gives you an intimate look into an artists raw talents.  We invite the artist’s closest friends and family, as well as a few select super fans to our space and put on a private concert where the music is the focus. The first session features singer/songwriter, Suzanne Sheer.

Born in Pittsburgh but now residing in Philadelphia, singer/songwriter Suzanne Sheer is one of our favorite discoveries. Utilizing her Adele-like vocals, she adds layers of vocal effects live during her performances that result in a blissful and dreamy concert experience. Appearing on records with Goldsmith and Wiz Khalifa, Sheer is constantly writing about her heartaches, relationship intensities, and day-to-day struggles as a hopeless romantic in a harsh city.

Listen to her most recent single, “Conditioned” on Apple Music and Spotify now!


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