Cliff Savage talks expanding his brand, his new track “Uber” and keeping your circle tight.

Cliff Savage, formerly known from his involvement in the Jerkin dance Craze, has since then spread his wings to a solo career, working 24/7 to build his brand and creating everlasting music that SLAPS! Yes I said SLAPS. I learned this slang from Cali in my interview with Cliff. Apparently he can’t release anything unless it SLAPS, meaning it has to be DOPE or else it’s not him. I respected that the most about my talk with him. I learned that he is the type of artist that really values his fans, his craft and is very picky about what music he puts out.
We were glad to get a hold of him since he’s been busy lately, performing at a show with Desiigner this past Saturday at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California. Along with that he will be in a festival coming up and many more appearances.
In our interview we discussed many topics, such as artists he would like to collaborate with, finding loyalty in this industry, his strategy for his new song “Uber”, and the label he wants to start named Different Family.

We started off the interview by talking about what it means to be a #TasteCreator.

#TasteCreators: Do you consider yourself a TASTECREATOR? and why?
Cliff Savage: “Hell yeah, I have a voice that people aren’t used to hearing. I feel like my sound is something that our new generation is looking for but hasn’t heard yet. And it’s the fact that listeners gravitate to my music naturally. I’m currently celebrating my 850 thousand streams on a single via Spotify.”

A TASTECREATOR to us is someone who Isn’t afraid to step out of the box, be different, be the first one to do it. Those who aren’t afraid to co-sign something before its “hot” or “popular”. We represent the go-getta’s, the risk-takers and those passionate individuals who won’t take no for an answer. TasteCreators is not just a BLOG, it’s a mindset.

Cliff tells us about the day he began to write music.

Cliff Savage: “I started writing music at 13 after visiting my grandma in Vegas on spring break. My uncle lived there. He introduced me to rap. I watched him freestyle against people over a yahoo voice chat. On that same trip he got my brother to write a song with him. I was on the couch thinking “I can do that” so I gave it a swing and fell in love with it. The rest is history.”
We wanted to know when and how did he know that rapping would ultimately be his career.

Cliff Savage: “One of the moments that made me realize this is it for me for was back when MySpace was poppin. I would record songs and ask who ever I came in contact with to use my song on their profile home page. I started generating a decent amount of views. It let me know that if I took it serious I could make something out of it. I really enjoy positive feedback it gets me going. So yeah, basically from that point my mind was set.”

“One of the moments that made me realize this is it for me for was back when MySpace was poppin. I would record songs and ask who ever I came in contact with to use my song on their profile home page. I started generating a decent amount of views.”

Cliff & I began to discuss how he obtained his buzz.

At age 19, he was found by the Jerkin dance craze movement where he used that as a platform to gain recognition and a fan base. He began to obtain a buzz from it so he rolled with it.
#TasteCreators: What did you obtain from that experience?

Cliff Savage: “I obtained knowledge on how to be different from the rest, how to build a brand. Being a part of this movement gave me the confidence I needed to be able to branch off and be my own boss. “

He experienced a lot of good and bad times while apart of this movement but it was worth every second.

We then discussed his newest music, songs like “Uber” and “Holy savage” which have been getting a lot of attention and views on Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Cliff Savage: “I’m like yo, everybody is going to fuck with this record, I was like cool, I put them both out sorta right next to each other, and everybody started to naturally gravitate towards “Uber” bringing in thousands and thousands of views outta nowhere and I’m like dang people really fuck with this record but I wasn’t really feelin it when I first recorded it I’m like ahhh its cool. Then I was showing people “holy savage” then “Uber” and they also said the same thing, “Uber”.

#Tastecreators: What was your promo strategy for Uber? 

Cliff Savage: “This guy named Justin reached out to me, he’s a Youtuber from Chicago but he’s going to USC out here in LA. He has this huge fan base because he’s doing daily blogs and he uses Uber as his out-show. Then I started getting comments on my Youtube page like Justin sent me here Justin sent me here. Then he messages me on twitter and says all my fans fuck with that “Uber” record. I then look him up and it turns out that he is super poppin, his fan base started to gravitate towards “Uber” as well and that’s what gave it more views. With that happening it generated a couple more hundred thousand views off of that. Then this guy from Germany and his girlfriend are Youtubers as well and they took a liking to it and started using it in their videos so that generated a couple more hundred thousand views and now it’s at about 850,000 today. On Spotify In the top five cities where my fan base is at, 3 of those cities are in Germany. “

Cliff worked in the studio with many artists, whether it was to help other artists or he collaborated with them on a track. Artists such as Dizzy Wright, Nick Cannon, Ray-J, Kid Ink, and many more.
#TasteCreators: Aside from the artists you have mentioned, are there any other artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Cliff Savage: “I would definitely like to work with Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper. Aside from them I really fuck with Lil Uzi, that’s one of my fave artists right now. Yea I’m going to see if I can get in contact with his management and see if we can get that in motion. I was thinking we could get him on the “Uber” remix and then re-release it. That’ll be sick. Aside from Uzi I would like to record a track with Rea Srummurd. I feel like if I recorded a track with them it wouldn’t miss, it would be extremely hard to miss. Pretty much everything they do SLAPS. It’s too easy for them.”

Cliff then shares a little bit of his genius when it comes to creating and releasing music.

Cliff Savage: “I feel like the music I create is right along the lines of Rae Sremmurd. In that, I can’t put something out if it don’t slap. It has to be unique in some kind of way. That’s why I don’t put out so much music at a time, I really spend my time on my music. It’s funny my peers tell me oh you need to put this out you need to put that out but it’s at this certain pace because I want this certain sound and I will expect a certain type of beat, I’m really picky when it comes to my music, so when it comes out it SLAPS. “

We then joked about me not knowing the slang. Comparing it to “fire”, “Lit” and “flames”, which are slang we use here in Philly. Cliff and I then had a great conversation about what he wants to do once his career goes to the top. That is giving back, to any and everyone that needs help. We also talked about getting out of your own way, out of that mindset of “I can only do this, or be this because of where you come from”. No matter how low you are right now, you can change your life at any moment.

Cliff Savage: “I don’t feel like I’m going to be the average hip hop artist, things that I want to do, the ways I want to give back, I just don’t see happening in the hip hop community and I just feel that my actions are going to express it better than I can say it. I just can’t wait for the day when I can give back the way that I want to give back. Not only to family and friends and people I love but to complete strangers, know what I’m sayin? That’s one of the most important things to me.”

#TasteCreators: What are some obstacles you’ve encountered so far in this industry?

Cliff Savage: “The biggest obstacle I’ve encountered was loyalty, first and foremost I’ve learned that this is one of the jankiest, one of the worst businesses to be in for one, from day one the biggest thing for me is loyalty. If I work with you or do music with you and I believe in what you have going on, first of all I wouldn’t even be doing business with you if I didn’t believe in your brand, your music and if it didn’t mix well with what I have going on. With that being said I’m going to be loyal to you and our situation. I’ve been put in positions where people were put in positions to either help me or contribute to what I have going on, so they know I’ve put my trust and respect into them so I thought they were loyal to me and things just didn’t work out. And I just know for a fact that it wasn’t on my end.”

Cliff says there were  situations where certain individuals were placed in his life to help him or contribute to what he had going on and it just didn’t work out. That person just wanted to get something out of it, and didn’t care about his brand or music. From the past couple years in this industry he has been around people that claimed they wanted to help him but they had a hidden agenda.

“I’ve been learning how to see through people, and I’ve been doing a really good job. Now I’ve caught a good eye, my senses let me know who is not with me. That’s the reason why I’m in the position I’m in now because I just don’t let certain things slide,” says Cliff.

After those people were cut out of his life he became very cautious, alert, and only allowed certain people into his life who he KNEW were genuine and wanted to work. That led us into a conversation about sensing those positive and negative vibes when being introduced to others. Being a good person and allowing others like yourself to gravitate towards you, not searching for someone to work with or partner with, and allowing them come to you naturally, organically.
“This interview is happening for a reason, we may not know what it means right now, but it means something, we will see later on. “ – Cliff
#Tastecreators: What other advice could you give to indie artists coming up?

Cliff Savage: “Stay positive, believe in your craft. That’s not cliché, or a broad statement, that’s the ULTIMATE statement. If you believe in yourself, in your craft and stick with it and never quit that’s when you start winning. I always ask new artists or any artist really what makes you stand out from the next artist? What makes you different? & if you can’t answer that question then you need to work harder. Your vibrations and your word are more powerful than you think, even just a feeling that you have, if you just claim things…”

“I always ask new artists or any artist really what makes you stand out from the next artist? What makes you different? & if you can’t answer that question then you need to work harder.”

Cliff Savage: “But I just remember I had came to my pops, I think I had like 300,000 Spotify streams at the time I was like yo pops I’m about to get a million streams on Spotify, and he’s saying to me; “No son you better really believe that, and it will happen”. I have no press, no nothing, I’m doing this all on my own it’s just me and Jay, we Rockin.” Now I’m at 850,000 streams and I sent my dad a screenshot and he said, “Remember when we talked about that million, next time I see you it better be a million.”

He is proud to be an independent artist and is confident yet humble in what is to come.

Cliff Savage: “With no press, no extra help, it’s just me, an independent artist, trying to get a million streams. And it’s literally happening, it’s like magic. And if I could apply this much into my music career, everything I do with my career can’t be anything less than successful.”

#TasteCreators: Do you plan to sign with a major label?

Cliff Savage: “My goal is to just start my own label and take this Different Family sound to the top. And just continue to create this brand, and turn it into my own Empire. I would ultimately want to stay independent, and do the Chance The Rapper thing. I’m not opposed to the big record label thing, if the numbers and the paperwork and everything is poppin, it all sounded right and everything looked right, then I wouldn’t say no to something that could take my career to the next level.”

I could tell that Cliff wants to be legendary, instead of just trying to be relevant RIGHT NOW. He looks for that longevity and wants to create his own music label, work for himself and build his own dream. Make sure to be on the lookout for new music from Cliff Savage, he will be releasing his new EP right after the summer, new singles will be coming out monthly. New music videos, shows, and festivals as well. He is extremely excited for huge things to come. I am proud of where he is and I’m excited to see what will happen next.

“There are two important moments in your life, when you are born and then when you figure out why. When you get that feeling it’s just wild, you feel like your living for something.”

It was a pleasure speaking with Cliff and we’re going to continue to support his journey to the top. Be sure to follow Cliff on Twitter, and visit his website to stay in touch.