“Someone that leads the sound. That what a Taste Creator is to me.” The self-proclaimed “People’s Champ” knows a lot about creating his own sound. We’ve witnessed it multiple times. Sonny Digital has produced our favorite tracks like Racks, Same Damn Time, and Birthday Song, but before becoming the secret ingredient to a hit, Sonny Digital rapped as well.

“I was running out of beats to rap on, so I started to make my beats.”

Aside from being proactive about making more content for himself, he added that him producing was a part of a supply and demand. No one was making beats at the time, so he decided to let everyone continue to rap while he put his creativity into producing. Though Sonny Digital creates his own sounds, he credits other producers he listens to like Drummer Boy and Shawty Redd.

“Stop trying to link up with everybody.”

When asked to advise artists who are trying to make music their career, Sonny Digital tells them to focus on themselves. “Really just worry about yourself and build your brand.” He tells people to stop trying to link up with everyone and have tunnel vision on their work. The only way to succeed is to focus on your art and believe in yourself. Sonny Digital says, “Can’t nobody do you how you gone do you,” and adds that there is nothing wrong with being inspired by someone else’s work, but make sure you add your own twist on it.

Sonny Digital’s beats will have you turnt but talking to him is more chill, and that is how he moves forward with working with other artists. Other producers are artists may have specific criteria they follow when working with other artists, but Sonny Digital looks for likability. Two artists working together have their connection through how much money they could potentially make, but Sonny Digital looks beyond the money. “Are you a person I want to be in business with? Are you a person I want to make music with?” It could be taken as a joke when people look for a certain vibe, but Sonny Digital likes to get to know the person he’s working with outside of the music.

Sonny Digital values good vibes and relatability. Watch Taste Creator’s interview with Sonny Digital as he speaks on Jim’s having his favorite cheesesteaks, rapping on his own beats being better, and believing yourself.


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