Philly’s own Dilemma teams up with producers Joe Logic and Gee, and writer Modesty to give us #ReverieDrive, one of our favorite projects of the year.

Cuz if you love what you doooo baby what are we whispering for?

Now, soooo much music has been released this year, even in these last few weeks, its almost a musical overload. But great music is great music, so when we came across a solid project like #ReverieDrive, it quickly turned into one of our favorite projects of the year.
This song in particular has been stuck in our heads for the last few days and honestly, we don’t want to get it out!

Now since we’re from Philly, we were already familiar with producers Dilemma , Joe Logic and Gee, but just in case you aren’t familiar with the greatness that these three produce, you’ve definitely heard their music before if you’ve heard Jazmine Sullivan’s grammy nominated album, Reality Show. Dilemma has also worked with Meek Mill, Black Thought, Mack Wilds, Ray J, and Migos among many others. Each time bringing a unique mix of energy, hard drums, and memorable melody lines. We originally heard of Joe Logic when he was working with Philly MC, Chill Moody. Modesty Lycan is known for her work with the Roots, but she’s quickly turned into one of our favorite songwriters in the city. Also featured on this project is Philly rapper, Young Savage, who’s made an appearance on Taste Creators before.

Reverie can be defined as “a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.”

#ReverieDrive can be described as the “perfect backdrop to your workday, commute to work or a long drive in the car.” The project explores concepts of finding self and the invisible space between dreams and reality. Overall it represents the journey of following your dreams.
We were honored to attend the private listening event for this EP which was held at Milkboy Studios in Philly and we were completely blown away on first listen. We highly suggest that you take a listen to this project. “Whisper” is still our favorite song, and it shall be on our playlist for years to come, but the project as a whole is solid and deserves to be heard.