Miami-based record producer, DJ and musician, The Pyrvmids released his new single today, “Saké” featuring Ali Coyote from the forthcoming compilation “Stadium Status” album.

Over a slow paced and sensual Pryvmids track, Ali Coyote delivers precise melodies that create an OVO Sound-like vibe with Saké. 
“The track originated from a late session, I was up at the crib making beats and I finished it at 4 a.m., sent it to Ali. From there we went to work in the studio. The record is meant to be a fun escape from reality,” said The Pyrvmids.
Brandon Wilson, better known as The Pyrvmids, is a Miami-born and bred record producer, DJ and musician, who recently signed to Valholla Entertainment. Although he hasn’t reached mainstream success just yet, The Pyrvmids musical collaborations and affiliations read like the resume of a seasoned veteran: mentored by Grammy-award winning hip hop producer Bink,  given a nod of approval from legendary label executive Lyor Cohen, and even a Willow Smith feature among his production credits. Add to that list The Pyrvmids first YouTube beat upload, which amassed over 100,000 plays by pulling at heart-strings with a luscious Adele sample.
I pride myself on making people music, I don’t focus on structure or music law too much. Everything is ultra textured and sort of a mashup of ideas I have at the moment. I like clashing sounds and textures to create something people haven’t heard ever on first listen. I don’t have a signature sound just yet, I don’t think I want one ever.” 
His profound ability to tap into emotion, while orchestrating everything from glossy lost love narratives to gritty, complex instrumentals put his production in high demand with emerging indie and major label hip hop artists in South Florida, including Denzel Curry, Prez P,  Big Nics, Bizzy Crook and Terry2Dope, among others. In 2014, Denzel Curry’s “Stadium Starships” produced by The Pyrvmids premiered via Red Bull Music Academy, and continues to be a fan favorite with over 760,000 plays on SoundCloud.