Weeding out fake from the real, Marv Mack tells the whisperers in the background to hush while he finesses with this black and white visual shot on a gritty street corner in his hometown of Philadelphia.

Marv Mack and Miles Chancellor are definitely two of our favorite rising artists from Philly. They’ve both been featured on Taste Creators numerous times before so we’re excited to premiere their brand new visual today.

“Do Better”, featuring Miles Chancellor, is an anthemic banger highlighting Mack’s rapid flow.

“Do Better” feels like a message to the haters who criticize but low-key want to be you, Tell ’em to do better.” -Philly.com

With this new single following after his recent project ‘Golden Band-Aids’ he wants to evince the haters that are starting to show face, to “Do Better”. The video itself shows a gritty rendition of the entertainment industry and the monotony of its spot light. Directed By Carlos Rios and Produced by Sketcho.

Check out the video above and check out MarvMack.com for more.