Coming off the high of their recent release, “SERENA” – the guys from EVERYTHING BUT NOTHING came to feed the people with a brand new visual entitled “No Shades” featuring One Take Dave.

In a world where we have so much “freedom”- the EVERYTHING BUT NOTHING squad is a reminder to remain humble and appreciate the opportunities that we work so hard to obtain.

Drawn to the classic hip hop sound, similar to the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, J Dilla and others, EBN’s “No Shades” is an ode to hip hop. This song speaks on the down falls while uplifting you at the same time.

“We live in a generation where the kids are inspired by people that’s getting paid to say they greater than us. Then they preach in interviews, ‘youngin you can do it too’. Then they take that agenda start degrading themselves.”

After watching this video you may have lots of things on your mind. Continue to go out and change the world.
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If you’re feeling the vibe, be sure to check out their latest SERENA EP below.