Find out how you can make money right now using the things you’re good at (the things you love).

Side hustle anyone?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra $1000-$1500 per month in your bank account just by doing something you love to do?
You work 40 hours per week for someone else, so wouldn’t it be cool to earn money on your “off” time as well?
Well, we’re here to tell you that YOU CAN do this!
We’ll walk you through some of the initial thought process, and give you step by step actionable’s that will have you making money from doing the things you love and are genuinely good at.
Take out a pen and pad and lets get started!
Step 1. Think of 5-10 things that you either love to do, or come naturally to you. Write down whatever comes to mind (can be random things like: you love going to the movies, or you’re great at playing video games, or you’re great at organizing or cleaning).
Step 2. Think of why you love those things & why you’re good at those things. Write down as much as you can about each.
Step 3. Think of how you may be able to make money from those things that you wrote down (you can even search google for ideas).
Here’s a few examples to help you:
Example #1: You love going to the movies. You love it because you love the story-lines and you like to see the effects used and you love talking about it with your friends afterwards. You can make money with it and score some free movie tickets by doing MOVIE REVIEWS. Here’s a cool post we found that can help you.
Example #2: You are extremely organized and you hate clutter. This comes naturally to you. You’ve been organized your entire life. You can make money from this by helping people stay organized (people actually get paid good money to organize everything from offices to files and anything you can think of).
Example #3: You are a very clean person, you like to keep your house spotless. You’ve never liked clutter or anything to be dirty, it’s something that’s been instilled in you since you were little. You can make money by cleaning for the elderly, you can clean for people who work too much and don’t have the time, you can clean your friends houses, etc.
The possibilities are really endless.
You have to look at it this way: Why would a job hire you? What are your skills? The same reasons why a job would hire you are the same ways that you can make money freelancing on your own.
Take a look at your resume to remind yourself how awesome you are.
If you need more ideas, here’s a ton of articles for you to check out.

If you’re wondering how to find your own clients, stay tuned for the next segment of #MoneyMakinMonday
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