The Perfect Example of How To Grow a Fanbase With Mir Fontane

If you’re an artist looking to organically build a fanbase and understand how to build genuine relationship with the people that support you, you should be taking notes on Jersey artist Mir Fontane.

The usual example for a fan engagement tool, to grow and maintain an artist’s following, is social media. However, artists still find shortcuts to make it look like their fan bases are expanding, but the engagement doesn’t reciprocate. Another great tool that is now starting to be utilized is, Ryan Leslie’s “SuperPhone”, which allows artists and entrepreneurs alike, to keep in touch with their fanbase and contacts. The tool also allows artists to call fans at any given time, and have 1 on 1 conversations with them.

One of the first artists that come to mind when thinking about how to build organic fanbases and not skip a step in the process, is South Jersey artist, Mir Fontane. But before all of the strategies, shows, and other forms of engagement with listeners, Mir mastered the art of the most important part of it all; making music with substance that touched people and resonated. Mir’s first track that gained traction was Pam, off of his 2014 project inspired by the Television series Martin, which conceptualized the idea of Martin and Pam actually being in love, and Mir putting himself in Martin’s shoes. Fontane states, “that creativity, the fact that a lot of people know the show, got me a lot of notoriety, and people started saying ‘Oh this kid’s different. He’s not rapping about the same old thing.’ I definitely got a lot of fans off of that.” Since then, Mir hasn’t let up on the substance ingredients, by putting out tracks like Down By The River, about senseless violence that happen in communities, and having the choice to be part of the retaliation and cause a painful cycle to happen.

While generating the buzz, Mir and his producer Kev Rodgers, started figuring out what they were doing right and what they needed to fix. After figuring out their formula, they decided to make a name for themselves via live performances. As Mir reminisces, he states “the only place we could actually perform at, was over in Philly. Anytime we went over to Philly, we just wanted to shut it down.” Just like any artist growing a loyal fanbase, the turn out of the crowds should increase from one show, to the next show. Mir spent two years packing small to medium sized venues. When asked how he was getting people to come to the shows, he answers with “I think what played a major roll, was us doing a lot of crowd interaction.” Mir also adds that, he would post recap videos of the shows, capturing how crazy his sets were. Although this seemed like a no brainer to Mir, this is still something up and coming artists forget to take into consideration. Whether you’re performing at a small house party in someone’s basement, or opening up for one of the hottest artists that are making a tour stop in your city, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO DOCUMENT EVERYTHING.

Mir drops a ton of gems in this interview so make sure you check it out. And if you haven’t heard his latest project, check out Mir Fontane’s “Who’s Watching the Kids 2” below.

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