It’s a breath of fresh air when a rapper allows him or herself to be vulnerable and honest through their music. So, we’re excited to introduce you all to K’Nen, a 20-year-old artist from the Kensington area of North Philadelphia. K’nen has recently dropped his new track “Eternal“, which seems to be a conversation with a woman whom he’s had a deep, yet complicated connection with. Throughout the song, K’nen reveals and faces some of his deepest reflections, insecurities, and regrets.
We asked the rapper what the significance of the song was to him. He replied, ” ‘Eternal’ is everything to me in a song. It’s a real story about a young man and his confidence. Typically in hip hop, male bravado is everything. I just wanted to show people we all are flawed and it’s OK to be yourself.”
With a flow that fights against the meditative and soothing Spacedtime produced beat, vivid storytelling, and a feature from Elijah Jacob, K’Nen creates an intimate experience between himself and the listeners. Check out the track below.

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