We’ve Been Waiting For This Kevin Clarke Video For What Felt Like Forever

I’ve been hip to Kevin Clarke for about a year now and when I first heard this song, ‘Tsunami,’ I ended up listening to it over and over again for a few weeks. I immediately contacted Kevin on Twitter and let him know how awesome he was and mentioned that he HAD to  shoot a video for this song. A few months later here we are, with a video that I’ve been anticipating for what feels like forever.
Although Kevin doesn’t have a huge following just yet (IT WILL HAPPEN), he’s been able to finesse his music onto a ton of mainstream outlets because of how dope he is (I originally caught this video on Pigeons & Planes). I’m excited to watch him progress over time.
Check out the official video for TSUNAMI above and be sure to follow him on Twitter and check out the rest of his music on Soundcloud.