Check out the latest visual from Philly’s own Joie Kathos.

We’re always excited to hear new music from one of our Philly favorites, Joie Kathos. Joie has been steady climbing as one of Philly’s front runners and the release of her Floaters EP last summer solidified her spot. Joie consistently delivers quality, conceptual records and her latest visual for “Training Season” is a reflection of that. Fully Produced by Joie Kathos and shot by Josh Runs, Joie continues to show her versatility as both an entertainer and producer. Training Season is full of witty lyricism and plenty of thoughtful gems.

“Swallow your pride, use your heart and your mind as a guide. Value your time, cause’ it’s worth every dime. Never know what you can do until you give it a try.”

Check out the visual for “Training Day” above and make sure you stay in touch with Joie by following her on Instagram and Twitter @JoieKathos