Written by @LerStevens

With the anticipation building for his project “Sonia’s Son,” Ish Williams and the whole $outh $ide movement are strategically putting South Jersey on the map where it’s supposed to be.

Ish Williams has been really making waves over the last year from featuring on tracks with budding artist Mir Fontane and performing at YesJulz 1am Bounce to having his music featured on outlets like Vibe and HotNewHipHop.
I recently attended Ish’s listening party over at Kenif Muse’s studio and man I was motivated to say the least. The intimate space was filled from front to back with $outh $ide family and Ish supporters from all over the Tri-State. You could feel the energy in the studio as we all tuned in to hear what Ish was saying.
As I was reviewing my footage outside, I overheard a conversation in which a supporter said “I love how Ish is being himself and not trying to imitate anybody else for fame.” This statement could not be any more true. Ish was very Vulnerable and real in this session. No masks or facades, all authentic. Ish put a lot of himself in this project. A record he shared called “That’s my Bro” was very personal to Ish, so personal he shed a tear as he reminisced all the good times he had and is still having with his $$ brothers. We’re all on the edge of our seats waiting on “Sonia’s Son.” Don’t sleep on this one at all.
Check out the clip from Ish’s listening session (above) and be sure to follow Ish on Twitter and Soundcloud and be sure to keep an eye out for “Sonia’s Son” dropping on 11.21.16.

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