#MoneyMakinMonday: Tips to find your first few clients for your new business.

In our last #MoneyMakinMonday post, we discussed how to Make Money Right Now Using The Things You Love To Do. If you haven’t checked that out, we suggest you read that post first. In this installment of #MoneyMakinMonday we’re going to give you some insight on how to find your first few clients.

Step 1: Understand exactly how you can help someone.

Remember, The same reasons why a job would hire you are the same ways that you can make money freelancing on your own. [click to tweet]
Anything that makes someones life easier can be an opportunity to make money. In our last post we had you go through a series of steps that will help you narrow down ideas for your side hustle. Now that you’ve done that, it’s time to pick 1 thing that you want to focus on and figure out all of the ways that your services can help someone.
Example: Say you want to become a professional organizer.
You can help people by:

  • Organizing their files so that they are easy to find.
  • Organizing their office/desk so that they’ll be free of clutter and have everything they need at their fingertips.
  • Organizing their junk and help them remove things from their home or office that is taking up space and overall cluttering their thoughts.

By narrowing down how you can help someone with a problem their having, the easier it will be to turn leads into clients. Which leads us to our next step:

Step 2. Know who can benefit from your services (create your client profile).

The key to finding clients is first to know who your audience is. Understand how you can help and then start to create client profiles. In other words, think about who your potential clients would be by narrowing down who would benefit from your services. The more focused your target audience is, the easier it is to find your niche.
For instance, your client profile can start as “entrepreneurs” – but you can narrow that down even further to say “my services are for entrepreneurs who work from home and have young kids.” Since they have young kids, they may not have much time to stay organized and get rid of the excess clutter, that’s where you come in. Play with your ideas a bit and create a few client profiles. Doing this will give you a much better idea of who would give you their money.

Step 3: Set your prices.

Pricing is usually the tricky part when it comes to any service. Pricing products is a bit easier because it’s something physical that you can hold, and the pricing would depend on how much is costs to manufacture the product. In this case, you’re offering a service, which can be a little tougher to price but you’ll still need to create base prices that you can start from (you need to know what price to tell your potential customers).
Now here’s the thing, most people that are new to the entrepreneurial world want to offer the lowest prices ever because they are new and they want to beat out the prices of the competition, HOWEVER that’s not always the best idea, ESPECIALLY if you’re great at what you do. Our advice to you is to do some research, some serious research. Make google your best friend. Research your “competitors” and get an idea of their pricing. Find out who charges the most, and find out WHY they charge that price. Find out who charges the least and understand why their prices are so low. This will help you figure out where your price point will be. You can always raise prices at a later time once you get a bunch of clients under your belt, but for now just focus on a few base prices and understand why you’re charging that much. Idea: You can even offer an “introductory price” for your first 3-5 clients to get them intrigued.

Step 4: Find your first few clients.

This might seem like the hard part, but if you followed those steps above, this should almost be like a walk in the park. Potential clients are everywhere, they’re actually in your phone contacts and email account right now, you just have to get their attention and tell them about what you’re now offering. Most people will support a new business venture just because they’ll think it’s awesome that you’re starting your own business. It’s all in the way you “pitch” it to them. You may not be an extrovert, however finding clients is like having a simple conversation.
Here are a few ways to land your first few clients:

  • Tell your family and friends about your new business venture. You can do this via text, phone call or email (whatever you feel is best for each person). Let them know what you’re offering, how you can help, and give them an easy way to contact you.
  • Put up a heartfelt status on Facebook about your new business venture. You may also want to do some Facebook advertising.
  • Discuss your new business venture on Twitter.
  • Create a graphic that promotes your new services. Post this graphic to Instagram.
  • Create a craigslist ad about your new business and/or search for potential clients on craigslist.
  • Create some online listings for your business (for instance, by using Yelp).
  • Here’s a great article we found with many more ways to find clients.

By doing those things you should be able to find at least 1-5 clients to get you started. Once you find those clients, you’ll have solid experience under your belt which will make you feel more confident in your services. If you make your clients happy (which we’re sure you will), you may start to receive referrals. We highly suggest getting as much feedback as you can from each client so that you know what you’re doing great at and you’ll know what you can improve on in the future.
One thing to remember when looking for clients is the more personable you are, the easier it is to get the response you’re looking for. When reaching out to people, don’t be a sales person. Greet them, talk a little bit about their situation and tie in how you can help them improve it with your services. Also remember that word of mouth is one of the best forms of promotion, so always tell people to spread the word (and maybe offer some sort of incentive, like 10% off services or maybe even a referral fee for those who recommenced clients that end up paying you).