Here we are, reportedly one day from the release of Frank Ocean’s sophomore album, ‘Boys Don’t Cry‘ — and we should be lucky to even receive that.

Four years ago, Frank Ocean released his Grammy winning album, ‘Channel Orange‘, and to say that the album was just “great” or “nice” would be totally downplaying it. Channel Orange was groundbreaking, innovative, full of wisdom, and above complex — this album may have been one of the most complete and well put together projects the new generation has seen and I don’t think anyone will argue with that.
Now, it is the middle of 2016 and we’ve heard less to nothing from Frank Ocean — he has been heard on the new Kanye West album “The Life of Pablo“, he has writing credits on James Blake’s recently released album “The Colour in Anything” (specifically on the song ‘My Willing Heart‘), and Frank has taken to tumblr to really swindle his fans by posting a stamped library card filled with many dates (some past and some future), hinting when Boys Don’t Cry may release. All of these things and more have kept Frank Ocean one of the most talked about people in the past few years because he has kept himself relevant without actually being present, now does someone like that owe us an album?
Lets set our selfish agendas aside for a second and think about the first time you had an itching urge to hear some new Frank Ocean material —was it when Frank was seen on face-time with popular Atlanta rapper, Rich Tha Kid, or was it when Frank was spotted in a picture with Chicago’s own, Chance The Rapper? If Frank Ocean would have went unnoticed since his debut album, Channel Orange, would you still care to hear from him?
Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean
We all know Frank Ocean to be the industry’s black sheep — limiting his social media presence to just Tumblr and mysteriously popping up all over the web, with each time looking very carefree. Frank Ocean made us wait for this new album to appreciate it more. Yes, Channel Orange won a grammy, but it still hasn’t sold a million records in the US, he’s still not the topic of conversation when we speak of greatest albums of all time, and people still shun him because of his sexual preference (It’s 2016 people).
So does Frank Ocean REALLY owe us another album? Will we only appreciate it for a couple of months to a year before it becomes “just another Frank Ocean album”. I believe it takes time to make a masterpiece, and Frank Ocean has taken nothing but time, not for us, but for him.
Remember, J. Cole went Platinum without any features