Pittsburgh’s very own and Taste Creator friend, Goldsmith, released his latest EP titled “Skyfall”. The wintertime EP, dropped right in time for Cuffing Season, takes you through the emotional toll of a relationship. The EP is, what he considers to be, “The 4 bullet points in a relationship.” The opening track “Sunshine”, is a quick burst of light and love, as the staple of the “honeymoon stage” of the relationship. The following track, named after the project, is a sense of hope in the relationship working out. The details of the EP’s cover correlating to this track, introducing the female hand catching you as you fall, giving a sense of security. The third track, “Brand New”, comes with a special feature from the queen Suzanne Sheer. This track goes through the internal building of a couple caused by going through certain hardships, and it not breaking you, but makes you stronger. The final track on the project, titled “Echoes”, is the insecurities of not knowing if something is going to last. 

Watch Goldsmith’s full break down of the EP, and listen to it here.

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