After being incarcerated for about 3 years, Atlanta’s, Gucci Mane, is finally out of jail and that is all thanks to Boston’s own BIA. BIA is currently signed to Pharrell’s record label, i Am Other, and she just busted Gucci Mane out of federal prison.
Now, many of you may not know, but BIA once worked for the C.I.A (I know, “BIA”, “C.I.A” haha). She spent various years working the case of Radric Davis (aka Gucci Mane), trying to prove that he in fact was an innocent man. Radric, on the other hand, completely shunned BIA — he was hell bent on doing his time, not snitching, and going home when his time was up. BIA had other things in mind for Radric, she knew that he had not committed a crime and even though he decided to be stubborn, she was going to fight and do all that she could until his Life sentence was cut back or completely depleted.
A couple of months go by and BIA finally has another chance to sit down with Radric to see if his mind has changed. BIA asks, “Radric, do you believe that you are somewhat guilty of what went on that night in September?“, Gucci replies, “Bitch, I might be“. Even though that is not what she was looking to hear, BIA could see it in his eyes that he had not done anything wrong, and his life sentence would soon be cut short.
Months and months of hard work and agony, BIA finally convinced a jury that Radric was in fact innocent and if they didn’t get rid of the sentence, they should at least shorten it. The jury decided to reduce Radric’s sentence from Life to 3 years, (pretty amazing, right?).
Actually, BIA didn’t do any of this (she didn’t pull a “Rick Ross“, oops), she actually just released a song titled “Gucci Comin’ Home” along with a video — and in no time, Gucci Mane was released from prison… Conspiracy? We love the record either way!
Check out BIA’s “Gucci Comin’ Home” here on Taste Creators.