Here are 40 of Our Favorite Rising Artists to Look Out for In 2017 (and the music that made us fall in love with them)

To be totally honest with you, most of us are waiting for 2016 to be over-with already. It was one of those years that taught everyone many lessons. The one thing that we all had to get us through all of those “Jesus take the wheel” moments is music. So much fire music has dropped this year, on both the indie and mainstream side, but since Taste Creators is all about showing love to the up and comers. we are excited to share with you a list of our favorite artists that we fell in love with throughout the year.
These artists have made it to multiple Tasty Tuesdays playlists so we figured it made sense to write this piece.
The artists are in no specific order because every artist on this list deserves a listen.
Check out 40 our favorite rising artists below.


Pronounced “black” for those of you who are unfamiliar. We came across 6lack earlier in the year and upon the release of his first album #Free6lack, we’re turning into stans. If you haven’t heard of him or if you’ve heard the name but haven’t given him a listen yet, now is the time to do it. His music is relatable and uninhibitedly real and his album can be played without having to skip a record.


we first learned about skinny from our good friend Mensch of AKWPR and Steady Leanin. We cherish people who put us on to awesome music, so shoutout to them for real! Skinny dropped a project called 1999 Parachutes this summer and it’s one of the most eclectic albums we’ve heard all year. From hip hop records  like “Cookies & Swisher Sweets” to pop tracks like “ride” to instrumental tracks like “se ba ba” this album is sure to sooth your soul.


We came across Nova in the beginning of the year (or it may have been even late 2015) and we’ve consumed so much of his music this year that we had to make a playlist of our favorites.

Jon Bellion

You probably already know who Jon Bellion is. If you don’t, sheesh we almost feel bad for you and we’re glad you’re reading this right now. We’re not trying to play favorites here (obviously everyone on this list are our favorites) but honestly if you leave this site and only check out one of these artists, let it be Jon Bellion. Jon Bellion’s debut album ‘The Human Condition’ is available now but here’s the first song we’ve heard from him that made us want to check out more.

Trev Rich

We first heard about Trev in 2014 but what really put the nail in the head was when we saw him perform at A3C festival in 2015. His stage presence blew us away and his music is just as good, which is no wonder why he just got signed to Cash Money. We had the pleasure of interviewing Trev for TasteCreators a few months back and he just released his first album on Cash Money. Check it out below.

Marv Mack

Philadelphia artist Marv Mack started rustling some feathers back in 2015 upon the release of “Paula Dean” but it wasn’t until we saw the video for “Own Crib” that we knew Marv Mack was a force to be reckoned with. Not only does he have his own sound, but he’s also a phenomenal visual director. Upon first glance, you would think you’re watching an academy award winning director. From aesthetically phenomenal videos to songs you can bounce to, Marv Mack can be put in any rising artist list and thrive.

Liana Banks

level up, benji – We came across Liana Banks at an event in Philly called “Women On the Rise” earlier this year and once we saw her perform, we had to check out her music – and once we checked out her music, it was a wrap. Little did we know, Liana has actually had songwriting experience, writing for some of your favorite artists so no wonder why her music is so awesome. Check out Level Up to get you motivated for 2017 and listen to Benji if you’re in the mood to get your dance on (warning, uncontrollable dancing in your seat is guaranteed).

Audra the Rapper

We’ve heard the name and seen the face before, but once we saw Audra on Sistserhood of Hip Hop and had a chance to get to know her a bit, we couldn’t help but to fall in love with her passion and determination, not to mention her music speaks for itself. Upon the release of her 5th project, Anti Love Songs, Audra has been taking her career to new heights with her singles “Sometimes” and “Bxtchlxss” hitting numerous top spotify  and itunes playlists.

Kevin Clarke

We don’t remember how we found Kevin, but boy are we glad we did! Kevin gave us an exclusive listen to his first EP while it was still in the making and we fell in love with his song called “Tsunami.” Like seriously, we had this song on REPEAT. It just goes to show that your music CAN speak for itself, because Kevin was posted to a ton of mainstream outlets off the strength of his music. Check out the official video for “Tsunami” below.


We first heard of Siya from Oxygens #Sisterhood Of Hip Hop and we’ve been rooting for her since. With a project on the way, she just dropped a new song called “My Sons” which is an ode to the popular NY slang. She put up a preview of this song on her instagram and once we saw it we couldn’t wait for her to drop it. Check out the official video for “My Sons” below.

Snoh Aalegra

We honestly didn’t know much about Snoh, however her music made us fall in love. Upon first listen, she gave us an old school Alicia Keys feel with her own twist. Turns out, after doing our own research, Snoh was signed to Sony at the young age of 14 which isn’t surprising at all. Check out one of our favs below.

Vinny Virgo

We first caught wind of Vinny Virgo when he dropped a track called “Fast Car” that got stuck in our heads immediately. But then he sealed the deal when we heard his follow up track called “House on the Hill” which really blew us away and showed his versatility. Both tracks have a completely different feel so check out both below.

Duckwrth @Duckwrth

We came across Duckwrth a few months ago and loved the feel of his music, specifically a track called “Rare Panther” off of his latest album entitled “I’m Uugly.” Check out “Rare Panther” below.

Tierra Whack

We’re from Philly, so we’ve been a fan of Tierra for a few years now. She definitely has her own unique style and she’s not afraid to take it there. She doesn’t release much music, so her fans are always on their toes. Tierra is definitely on her way though, we’re excited to watch her sneak up on everyone and become extremely successful over the next few years. Check out her latest track (and one of our favs from her) below.

Frank Castle

If you’re really into what can be considered TRUE hip=hop, Frank Castle is your guy. He’s been tearing up the SeriousXM airwaves lately, getting respect from some of your favorite rappers favorite rappers. We first came across Frank a little over a year ago and have been watching him progress ever since. This video caught our attention, we found out that he actually learned to rap the entire song backwards just for this music video. Check it out below.

Gio Dee

Boston rapper Gio Dee has lots in store for us in 2017. Gio’s been on a few tours this year and we’re very confident that he won’t be slowing down. We became a fan of his earlier this year after coming across a song called “Re-Up” – take a listen below.

Eli Sostre
Hailing from New York, Eli Sostre is definitely starting to make his mark on the music world. We’re still learning about Eli, but his music has made it to numerous #TastyTuesdays Playlists this year upon the release of his “Still Up At Night” EP. We’re excited to hear more from him in 2017.

Tate Tucker
LA native Tate Tucker caught us by surprise when he dropped “Just Wanna.” The track was added to one of our #TastyTuesdays Playlists as soon as it was released, and then 1 month later we realized that we still had this song on repeat. Check out the official video for “Just Wanna” below.

Mir Fontane
The really awesome thing about Mir Fontane is that we’ve personally been able to watch his journey go from getting the crowd rockin at local Philly and Jersey venues to going on tour, killing Sway In the Morning to now recently signing to 300, Mir Fontain has a really great year. We were first introduced to Mir when hearing a song with fellow indie artist Ish Williams. Check out “Wanni Wag” below.

Tim Gent
We came across Tim Gent earlier this year while perusing through Soundcloud and boy were we pleasantly surprised. His music is very consistent and his flow and bars are some that you would hear from a seasoned veteran. Definitely go check out Tim Gent’s music, starting with this track below that’s sure to keep your head noddin from start to finish.

Joie Kathos
We discovered Joie right before she released her floaters ep in 2015 and we’ve watched her growth ever since. Joie is on this list not only because of her music, but also because of her spirit, and her live performance is one of the best we’ve seen from an indie artist in a while. If there’s one thing about Joie she’s definitely an entertainer, and she isn’t afraid to speak on topics that everyone needs to hear in order to face their reality. If you’re into awesome vibes and dope rhymes, check out Joie Kathos.

Ye Ali

LA based artist Ye Ali emerged in 2014, and has been steadily proving himself by releasing top quality work with the likes of Kirko Bangz, Lil Durk, Bizzy Crook and Jazz Cartier, to name a few. His debut album, Traphouse Jodeci shows that he surely has a promising future ahead of him. Check out one of our favorite songs off the album below.

Asia Sparks

We came across Asia Sparks about two years ago and since then she’s been one of our favorite emcee’s. In our opinion, Asia is the perfect blend of Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj, with real bars and a stage presence full of energy. She currently stars on BET’s new “Hollywood Hearts” movie with Bobby Valentino. Asia’s definitely got “it” and we hope to hear a lot more of her in 2017.

Kandy Apple Redd

Many are familiar with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, but little do most know George Clinton’s granddaughters Kandy Apple Redd are keeping the funk alive for the new generations. The girls are an awesome duo that have been on tour with their grandfather George Clinton for a few years now and are currently recording their first album. Check out their latest release “Bring It Home” featuring George Clinton himself.

Young Savage

Philly’s own Young Savage has been around for a few years now but we feel he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, so we added him to this list because every time he drops, it’s a banger, and we really can’t wait to hear what he has in store for 2017 and beyond.


Stylistically in the realm of PartyNextDoor and Bryson Tiller, Tyus is among the stoned, boastful R&B balladeers who surfaced during the mid-2010s. The Portland, Oregon-based singer and songwriter caught the recording bug while in high school and dropped out, at the age of 16, to pursue his goals. After he signed a recording contract with Warner Bros., the major-label reissued his early-2016 single “My Way.” It was the prelude to the nine-track Never Forget, released that October. Check out the song that made us check out Tyus further.

Niko Khale’

We first came across Niko Khale on Twitter. He isn’t what we would consider “mainstream” but already has what seems to be a die hard fan base. We were intrigued by his lyricism. He really makes you feel his words. Upon first listen we knew he had a lot of potential. Niko Khalé has scored national ad campaigns, having Powerade and Hyundai commercial under his belt, over 2.5 million organic views on YouTube, nation wide tours, features on Nelly Furtado’s latest album, the Smurfs 2 soundtrack and countless notable mentions across blogs and major media outlets all while remaining independent. Check out Niko’s “Grind” below.

Roy Woods

Canadian rapper Roy Wood$ dropped a few bangers on OVO Sound radio this year and we’ve been eating it all up. In 2015 Woods released his debut EP Exis, digitally through OVO Sound and then his debit album Waking at Dawn was released in July 2016 followed up by his second EP, Nocturnal on December 22.

Theodore Grams

Philly based artist Theodore Grams has been on our radar for quite some time now, pumping out gritty tracks with Danny Brown to dropping crazy bars on Sway In the Morning, his unrelenting and unapologetic lyrics are what keep the art of hip hop thriving. Check out one of our favorites from him below.

Saba Pivot

Chicago artist Saba gained recognition with hgis verse on Chance the Rapper’s “Acid Rap” mixtape and also released a few other collabs with Chance in 2015. We caught wind to him this year and he’s made it to numerous #TastyTuesdays playlists, including our mega #DontSleepOnEm Playlist last week.


We caught wind of PJ when she dropped a song called “Gangster” and we fell in love with her sound. Her music is uplifting and soulful. She’s already worked with artists like K-Camp, Hitboy and Lupe Fiasco to name a few, but we’re rooting for her and want to see what she has up her sleeve for next year. Check out “Gangster” below.

Alex Wiley

We got into Alex Wiley earlier this year and even got to catch an interview with him when he came to Philly for a show. Turns out that Alex isn’t new to this, and he’s got a very savvy business mind. From tracks with Audra the Rapper (also featured on this list) to tracks with Chance the Rapper and Kembe X, we’re excited to see what he has up his sleeve for 2017.

Mike Classic

Mike Classic caight our eye when he dropped his song “Woosah” over the summer which is a song about helping ladies unwind. Since it’s release, the song has garnered over 800 thousand listens and we’re excited to see what he drops next. Check out “Woosah” below and relax.


Not to be confused with KRS One, Toronto based producer KRS is on this list because he’s dropped consistent bangers and remixes throughout the year and has made it to numerous #TastyTuesdays playlists that we’ve lost count. Whether he’s making you dance with a little dancehall feel or collaborating with artists to really bring their sound to life, KRS is taking the music world by storm. Check out one of our most recent favorites below, featuring artist IAMDECARLO with “Lit Right Now”


Canadian singer and rapper Jahkoy, released his first mixtape in 2013 and by 2015 was collaborating with Willow and Jaden Smith. Now signed to Def Jam, we believe Jah is just getting started and are excited to endulge in more music in the coming year.

Miles Chancellor

Philly native Miles Chancellor dropped two projects this year – “No Mans Island” which premiered on OkayPlayer followed by “West End Chza” which premiered on The Fader. Check out the video that first caught our attention below.

Jalen Santoy

Hailing from the Carolina’s. Jalen Santoy has been recording since the young age of 15, but didn’t release his first song until 2014and we didn’t actually catch wind of him until this year, when he dropped “Foreplay” which is still being played since it’s released.

Larry June

If you’re familiar with Larry June you know his love for oranges lol. But as far as the music goes, his buzz has consistently grown, earning respect from Post Malone to G-Easy. Recently signed to Warner, Larry shows no signs of slowing down. Stream Channel Orange below.


Philly’s own Assad has dropped a song every day this year. You heard that correctly. He dropped a new song EVERY SINGLE DAY this year for what he calls #WhiteLightYear. We posted the first three months of songs and then we lost track (lol) but go check him out on soundcloud right now.

PnB Rock

If you’re from Philly and you don’t know who PnBRock is you must be hiding under a rock, literally. As he started making waves a few years back, PnB has been releasing consistent bangers all 2016. Check out one of our most recent favorites below.

We wish you a very happy new year from Taste Creators.