We’re going to show you how to save money in your sleep in 2017.

So for the first #MoneyMakinMonday post of 2017, I want to tell you guys about the best phone app that has ever happened to me (and I’m serious, I’m not exaggerating). The app is called Digit.
Now, I’m an absolutely horrible money saver. Seriously, I am the WORST at saving money. I blame it on my real estate background (I got accustomed to getting lump sums and paying things off in full) but in reality that’s just something I tell myself to cover up the fact that I am the worst money saver in the world. That is, until I discovered the Digit app.
The Digit app allows you to save money in your sleep. Like, you will save money and not even know it and then 1 month later have $200 saved up without even realizing it. $200 that can be used to buy groceries or get put towards rent, or my personal favorite, $200 to invest back into your passion.
But I’m sure you’re wondering… how Sway?

How It Works

Digit acts as your own personal savings account, deducting random amounts from your bank account that you don’t even notice. You can tell the app to SAVE MORE or SAVE LESS. You can also tell it to PAUSE or set it to not save if you only have a certain amount of money in your account. So for instance, say you don’t want Digit to save anything if you have $300 or less in your account, it will automatically stop saving once your account hits $300.
So one day Digit might take out $0.89 and the next day it might take out $2.44. Then it might wait a day or two and then take out $10.42. If you feel like $10.42 is too much, you can tell it to save less. If you want to save more, you can tell it to save more and it may start taking out random amounts between $18-22. The more money you keep in your account, the more money it will save, but you have total control over it and you don’t even realize you’re saving money until you check your Digit account one day and see that you have a cool $400 that you never knew you had.

But Can I Trust It?

YES. I have used this app for a few months before sharing it with you and I want to tell you how weary I was about trying it. The only reason I tried it is because a trusted friend told me about it. Reason being, I don’t like for anyone or anything to have my bank account information. If I’m giving you my bank account info, you better be available if I need to reach you, and they are. So I will say, this app is very trustworthy. I had a concern and reached out to their customer service via email and they responded within 15 minutes and were extremely nice and respectful and fixed the issue.

The Possibilities

So if you’re someone that’s as horrible at saving as I am, I suggest you download this app and see how easy it is to save money in your sleep. You can save it up for an entire year and then have money to buy Christmas presents. You can save money to use for your new business that you’ve started (or are looking to start). If you’re an artist you can save money to cover some of the expenses it takes to get your art out there. Or hell, you can save up the money to buy those expensive shoes you’ve been eyeing. Whatever you do, you should definitely start saving money in 2017 and this app really helped me do it.

Spread the Love

One more cool thing about Digit is that it is totally FREE and when you refer it to your friends (like we’re referring it to you) they give you $5. So if you download it from one of the links in this post, you are contributing to keeping Taste Creators alive and I thank you dearly.
If you haven’t already, click here to try Digit and start saving!