Following the release of his album “The Vibe”, Connor Evans gives us the beautifully shot new video for “No Stress”

For Connor Evans, music arises from balance. The Southern California-raised rapper and singer can seamlessly shift between a robust, raw flow and delicately catchy vocals. That dichotomy extends to the subject matter as well, making his debut project The Vibe as deep as it is dynamic.

Connor describes the song as his modern day version of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.”

“I had a period of my life where I abstained from alcohol, wouldn’t ever consider trying a drug, lived off fresh vegetable and fruit juices and raw, unprocessed foods… And was fucking miserable a lot of the time. No Stress is about acknowledging the need for balance and recognizing that it’s OK to live a little. That’s what the human experience is all about. Every little thing is gonna be alright.”

The video for “No Stress” was shot in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and directed by Adrian Martinez.

Watch the video for “No Stress” above and listen to the full album below.