Last night Chance The Rapper dropped his free mixtape “Coloring Book” or “Chance 3” via Apple Music. If you aren’t familiar with Chance The Rapper, perhaps you’ve heard of his critically acclaimed mixtape “Acid Rap” which released in 2013 and ended up on the face of numerous huge publications like; Rolling Stone, NPR, and Billboard. Acid Rap was infused with such genres like neo-soul, jazz, hip hop, and more — which is why Coloring Book is a great processor.

Sure, Coloring Book hasn’t been out for even a full day yet and somehow we’ve managed to put together some type of review to it — this isn’t a review, more like a synopsis. Acid Rap ends with “Everything’s Good (Good Ass Outro)”, and Coloring Book begins with “All We Got” which features Kanye West and Chicago’s Children Choir — this adds the perfect transition. Coloring Book is filled with star-studded features from Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Kirk Franklin, Jay Electronica, and more.
Coloring Book still carries Chance’s very vivvid vision and jazz fusion along with his unorthodox flow and decrypted lyrics — which is perfect for any hip hop head who wants to fully emerge into a good album here and now. Acid Rap and Coloring Book carries the same type of themes, to uplift, to break free, and to be fun.
So, why is Coloring Book, Acid Rap 2.0? Don’t listen to me, combine a list of Acid and Coloring Book together and I garuntee you’ll never be able to pick one another apart.
Stream both Coloring Book and Acid Rap here: