A Serving of Daily Bread: Chase N. Cashe and Jansport J distribute a soulful discourse in life lessons and luxury.

Collaborations are the key to longevity and few lead by example with the consistency of Crown Bearer Records.  After the 2016 releases of “We Never Close” with Negus and “La Playa” with Bankskee, Chase N. Cashe continues the formula for success with The Black Jesus, co-Executive Produced by Jansport J.
The title track begins with Jansport invoking sounds reminiscent of the seven trumpets of revelation as Chase N. Cashe triumphantly heralds the return of The Black Jesus. Never short of witticism, his sermon of choice focuses on his rise from gifted son to accomplished star amidst thrown stones and the devil’s temptations.

Church is over but if you missed your afternoon stories, don’t fret. “As The World Turns” offers all of the imagery you need to color your thoughts.  This track is a series of memories told from Chase’s “living room” featuring glimpses into childhood experiences and warnings of the woes of bad business among brothers.  Coupled with Jansport’s undeniably infectious beat, this song is bound for heavy rotation throughout the summer.

Track three reminds us that even the most Godly of men have human experiences.  “Yes Indeed!” is an ode to the “can’t get right”ness of men everywhere.
“And when I ask her do she need me, my baby always tell me back ‘yes indeed’… But when I ask her will she leave me, my baby always tell me back ‘yes indeed!'”
Chase expresses his adoration for his girl over a smooth flute-laden melody.  The song goes on to feature a verse from Negus and a saxophone solo by Phil Smith (who also contributed vocals to track one).  This is one for the ladies and also for the brothers who recognize feelings of real love.

Remind Me, the album’s first single features a sample of the Mary J. Blige’s cut by the same name. Sixteen bars wasn’t enough to highlight Chase’s progression, so he blessed us with a few extra. Negus makes his second appearance to advise us to “listen closely to every record that we play… every word that (they) say…” and he could not be more right.  The Black Jesus includes many a verse filled with gold.
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