Some artists are too cool to show the excitement from the impact of their art. Beano French is not the person that is going to sugar coat his feelings. When asked about how he feels about the state of his growing career, he replied with a smile and said, “It feels amazing.” And of course, it feels incredible. From the support of Philadelphia to sold out shows, and premiering on BET, it’s confusing to see how the West Philadelphian native stays so humble.

When people start to get closer to their dreams, they always dedicate it to working hard. Has Beano French been working hard? Clearly. However, the R&B singer also gives credit to his success to praying and manifestation. “I prayed a lot going into 2017; then I started vowing to myself ‘my life is going to change this year.’” The more Beano French believed in himself, the more things began to change. He started performing at more shows and gaining more supporters. Taking advantage of the momentum, Beano French shares with Taste Creators that he tested his now popular song ‘Monday Morning’ during his performance at the Heineken Green Room before officially dropping it. After his performance, fans began to react to the single in a way which Beano French was more than surprised. He started getting requests for the song, people began to post his live performance asking for him to drop it. That is when he knew things were beginning to change.

Beano French has been working hard and no matter how hard he’s working and how many people he knows is supporting him, his reaction is, “What is happening right now?!” Even though he was No. 4 on iTunes R&B charts and  No. 5 slot on Billboard’s Middle Atlantic Heatseekers chart, he lets everyone know that he has faced adversity, but he did not allow those problems to sidetrack him from his goal. Aside from working hard, praying, and manifesting, he also credits Rents Due for helping him to move forward. Rents Due is a monthly open mic session in Philadelphia, where Beano French hosts and creatives come together for the love of music. “Being around other creatives each and every month kept me going.”

Beano French’s pure love for music has transformed him into the talented R&B artist that we all love. Watch Taste Creators rap it up with Beano French about his recent success, keeping his full-time job, and his hit single ‘Monday Morning’ from his album Just Beano.

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