The #ArtistToEntrepreneur Webinar shows artists what they need to do to make money with their music in 2017.

Thursday night I held the #ArtistToEntrepreneur Webinar along with a few of my favorite people in the music industry – Mike Trampe, Quinelle Holder and Tyler Allen. Hence the title, this webinar was to help artists, as well as their teams, go into the new year knowing how to capitalize off of their situation and ultimately make money doing what they love.
We touched on everything from income streams to properly promoting music releases to finding a manager to growing your fan base.

Below are some of the KEY POINTS that were made during the webinar. All of these can and should be utilized going into 2017. I also included the resources we mentioned during the webinar.

Get Into the right mindset.

“Stop playing a rapper and start doing things that are actually going to bring you success.” – Tyler Allen

If you don’t have the mindset, nothing else will matter.

Start collecting a database of emails and sending newsletters.

You must have a database of your fans. This is your foundation, this is your gold mine, this is how you eat.

“You have to have a fan base that you can document and some type of system to keep people up to date with what you’re doing.”
– Quinelle Holder

So when someone says they checked out your song and they like it, ask for their email address so that you can send them future releases. If you have a fan on Soundcloud, ask for their email. That way, when you release new music you can create one email and send it to everyone who subscribed (instead of tweeting and tagging people with your music).

“Get back to your basic hustle.” – Quinelle Holder
“Think 5-10 people instead of thinking thousands of people. Really focus on that 1 on 1 connection.” – Breezy

Understand the WHY behind everything that you do.

Work smarter. Make smarter investments. Focus on your return of investment. Set up your income streams.

“To a label with a million dollars finances matter, so it should matter to you too.” – Tyler Allen
“You are an investment. It all comes down to what you bring to the table. Are you bringing a fan base? Can you sell drinks if a venue books you for a show? Are you bringing in ad revenue for that blog? That’s what matters.” – Tyler

Be professional.

Always do your research on someone before you reach out to anyone, no matter who it is. Move with purpose. Know your stats and use them as leverage to pitch yourself.

Use uniformity in your branding.

Your social networks should all have the same name. Your profile photos should be high quality press photos and they too should be the same on all social networks. You need to look like an artist online and each of your social networks must look cohesive (people should know it’s you no matter what network they land on).

Don’t Rely on Blogs to Get Your Exposure.

There are many ways to gain exposure to your music. The best ways involve truly engaging with your audience. You can do this via social media. combined with sending newsletters and even advertising (Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads and Twitter ads).

“PR isn’t getting your link posted to a blog.” – Tyler Allen
“A publicist is someone that created a narrative for an artist to elevate.” – Quinelle Holder
“If you’re more concerned about blog posts than knowledge, this ain’t for you. If you’re more concerned about being on a website than actually being successful, you’ve already lost.” – Quinelle Holder


  1. – Use Mailchimp to create your email database and send newsletters to your fans to keep them updated on important happenings in your career. You can use this platform to send new releases, and you can even automate newsletters and create sales funnels to sell your merch. The possibilities are endless and I highly suggest creating an account (it’s free, and there are paid plans available with more features which is actually a great investment) and start collecting email addresses now!
  2. (also available as an iPhone app) is an amazing tool because it’s totally free and allows you to create really dope graphics with the quickness. For instance, you can create a graphic that says “Subscribe to my newsletter” and post it to Instagram and have people comment with their email addresses. Canva also has a ton of templates for designs, such as Facebook cover template that you can use to create a dope Facebook cover.
  3. Buffer and/or Hootsuite – These apps (feel free to choose one) can be utilized to schedule tweets and statuses in advance so that you don’t have to worry about promoting and can focus on engaging with your fan base on social media.
  4. Shopify – I’m not sure if this was mentioned during the webinar however we did talk a lot about selling merch. Shopify is what many use to create their online store. It integrates wonderfully with popular website platforms like WordPress and Squarespace/ It even has really cool apps that work with it that pretty much do anything you need. For instance, an app called Printful can be used to sell merch online without having to buy merch in bulk or process the orders yourself. Check out our new Taste Creators store to see this platform in action.

We discussed so much more during this webinar so be sure to check it out so that you don’t miss any of the knowledge.

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