In Part II of this series, we highlight more indie artists that are using their music to speak out on racial injustice.

Because of recent horrific events taking place in the US and around the world, we’ve been highlighting indie artists who are really using their music and influence to speak out on racial injustice. In part one we highlighted 5 artists including Dizzy Wright, Isaiah Rashad, Mich Jenkins, Khemist and Marv Mack; now we’re going to give you a taste of a few more indies who are taking a stance.
Check out part two of our “Artists Who Stepped Up to Speak About Racial Injustice” series:

Young Savage (@YoungSavage215) – “Promise Land”

“We need a Martin Luther King today to teach us some guidance,
‘Cause these celebrities who usually in the media silent,
Like we ain’t see how reaching for wallets is leading to violence,
Industry keeping them rich; it ain’t no reason to comment,
Promised a reasonable balance to agree to keep to smiling,
Closing schools, tryna keep us from receiving the knowledge,
To keep us lenient, believing we succeeding from malice,
The cops love to scream stop resisting,
But what they really mean is stop existing,
And we ain’t even got a pot to piss in,
All we preaching out is our black lives matter,
But then they slay and make our black lives madder.”

Joie Kathos (@JoieKathos) – “Faded”

“And now the media’s claiming that everybody is racist, 
don’t believe that.
Naw, I choose not to believe that.
Racism keeps us divided
Religion keeps us divided
We spend more of our energy on that than uniting.”

J. Tek (@iamjtek) – “Hello America”

“What happened to protecting the peace?
Got us all locked
What happened to the land of the free?
Got our hands up
But still they leave us dead on the streets
When its all down
They hate to see us stand on our feet
Aye Sallie Mae, why you keep calling my phone?
Told you i was gon’ pay your ass back
Im just needing some time
Aye Uncle Sam, can I borrow a home?”

Suzann Christine (@SuzannChristine) – “Where Did The Love Go?”

“Where did the love go? 
Thought it was what’s inside that matters the most?
Where did the love go? 
Just cause’ we’re different we’re hated the most.”

Steven Braddy (@SDotBraddy) – “Our Lives”

“Where the fuck is my 40 acres at & my mule?
Fuck America, laws, standards and fuck the rules
Feed us bullshit on that silver platter its full
but how can I digest this shit when I see one of mine on the news?”