Taste Creators got the chance to interview a Philadelphia hometown hero, Armani White, earlier this year. Going from releasing a short 1 minute and 13 second video, to being featured on outlets like Pigeons & Planes, MTV The Wrap-Up, and even on Pharrell’s OTHERTONE & Ebro’s Beats 1 show, to touring with electronic acts like Troyboi and hip-hop acts like Big Sean & Big KRIT, performing on the Made in America stage, and recently being featured on this year’s BET Cyphers. It’s safe to say he’s on an amazing come up.

When Armani sat down with us, he had just released his single “Public School”. The track captures his ability to black out over bounce beats, as he raps about coming up out of West Philly. Most of Armani’s tracks display his unique style and sound, that can be described as “Happy Hood Music.” Great examples of his sound can be found as early back as 2015, with tracks like “Stick Up”, “Young Adults”, and “Secret Handshake”. However, in 2016 Armani stepped away from the mic due to a tragic time in his life when his father passed away from cancer, and returned in 2017 with his track “NYC Window” that had a slowed down instrumental and more personal content. Armani tells us that his most recent work is an architecture of what his father was to him.

Although Armani delivers a messenger-like style, he states that he doesn’t believe there is a specific message being passed through his music, rather stories and experiences that he likes to tell. “I think like to tell stories a lot more than just tailoring myself to one deliberate message… I like to inspire somebody in a way that says, ‘this is what I meant when I was doing this, this is who I was when I was doing this,’ and from there, you can just take what you want from it,” Armani explains. He goes on to add, “a lot of times when I’m writing these songs, when I’m making this music, and doing these visuals, I start to put myself back in the shoes of who I was when I went through it. [I] empathize with my own self, and I just think that’s really important in helping me get in tune with who I am as a person and as an artist.”

It’s fitting to drop this piece after Armani’s latest release “Onederful” – an uplifting track describing not only his type of day, but also preaching how he came a long way. As we sit back and recap the Armani’s achievements, we can’t help but to agree, he has came a long way.

Check out Armani’s latest track “Onederful” here, and follow him on:






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