There is no question about who has the juice right now, and if you ask around, Anyee Wright is always the topic of conversation.

Coming off of her 2014 release “Keep Going, Free Spirit” — Anyee tackles a new wave of music, and we absolutely love it. During the 8 track tape, you’ll find that Anyee has limited features, airy synths, zingy bells, and hard hitting kicks which definitely makes this album feel magical and one of a kind. Some stand out tracks that may catch you off guard during the first listen may be the hit single “Sonya Blade” which was featured in The Source Magazine, “Fire” which is the first track, and “Replay” — but I’m sure you’ll find something you love during the album play.
Anyee Wright
Anyee Wright effortlessly meshes together singing and rap over her own production and her own rhymes. She is the total package of an artist. But, enough of this speech — dive into the 8-track masterpiece “BUSY” by Anyee Wright.