A few amazing business gems from @DevCNY to live and die by.

Twitter is a social network that everyone loves to hate. From twitter beefs to gossip threads to uninformed millennials voicing their unnecessary opinions, Twitter can be overwhelming at times if it isn’t taken in the proper doses.
But there’s also another side to twitter – a side where the nonsense is at a minimum and knowledge and motivation overpowers all. A side where we encourage and empower one another. That’s what my feed looks like.
Every now and then I come across some amazing knowledge on Twitter from people who are really passionate and involved in their industry. Tonight I came across a thread that I just HAD to share from someone who’s heavily involved in the music scene by the name of Devin Cobbs (@DevCNY). He’s a social media strategist who’s known for working with some of your favorite brands, while also keeping the party alive with his “40oz Bounce” event.

Dev took to twitter earlier today to let off these gems for all the young professionals out there:

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