Taste Creators is a full service agency located in Fishtown, Philadelphia, dedicated to helping brands, indie artists, and labels succeed on their own terms. From assisting artists in the entirety of their record-making process to offering press kits, branding concepts, release strategies, marketing plans, photo shoots, music videos, public relations, studio space and more, Taste Creators is a resource and outlet focused on helping artists and creatives do what they love for a living.

Since every artist and brand is incredibly different and has specific strengths and weaknesses, we customize our services to fit the needs of each client. We do not offer any “one-size-fits-all” packages but instead, through many consultations, focus our efforts specifically where our clients need them most.

Aside from being an artist’s team, Taste Creators is also a prime outlet for music discovery, curating festivals, local concerts, and playlists across the country and partnering with brands that have a firm foundation in the culture. Most recently, Taste Creators partnered with Audiomack to curate the #NewFlavors Playlist; hosted our own stage at the A3C Music Festival in Atlanta, as well as collaborated with PUMA/FUBU in January 2018. When it comes to music, we don’t focus on genres or labels. Our only concern is that the music is original and quality-sounding.


About the Founders

Taste Creators was founded in 2014 by Brianna DeMayo, (known locally as Breezy) who has been working in the music industry for over a decade. Growing up engulfed in music, Brianna initially worked on the creative side, writing and performing throughout her elementary and high school years on various radio stations, festivals, television shows, and clubs in the tri-state area. At that point in her career, there was no control or say in decisions. Discouraged, she decided to take a break with music and ended up finding her way into the real estate industry where she developed a knack for marketing. It wasn’t until years later when she found herself slowly but surely getting back into the music industry, this time, on the other end of the spectrum, eventually leading to the launch of her Public Relations and Marketing Firm, Exclusive Public. What started out as a public relations agency quickly turned into a marketing, promotions, and branding conglomerate, now merging with Taste Creators, as she realized that independent artists need more than just public relations. In this digital music era filled with short attention spans and constantly rotating trends, Breezy works with artists across the country to develop their brand, image, and cultural appeal before pitching them to large-scale media outlets. Customizing each marketing plan to fit her clients’ specific needs, Breezy prides herself on helping independent artists and producers make money while doing what they love.

Brianna also brought on former Atlantic Records marketing employee, Lawrence Watling (known as Watts), to be the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Watts, a Temple University graduate, originally worked at CBS Radio’s 96.5 AMP FM, where he had his own weekend radio show. Being around pop music his whole life through radio and live DJing, Watts developed a natural sense of what sounds good and what people want to hear. Once the station flipped in January of 2017, Watts joined Atlantic Records in the International Marketing Department. Missing Philadelphia and the ability to work hands-on with independent artists, Watts left Atlantic after a few months tojoin Taste Creators, with hopes to bring Philadelphia back into the national spotlight with an original-sounding, collaborative music scene.

Together, they work hands on with artists, managers and labels, essentially becoming a part of their team, and ultimately making sure the artist is always the first priority.