A big part of our “job” is to put you on to new music, new artists and just all around dope sh*t. This week we bring you some of our favorite tracks that we came across over the last week.

We usually post this playlist a little earlier in the day but what can we say, we’re a little late but worth the wait lol. We hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. This playlist is pretty chill so it’ll help you relax and recover from your first day back to work after a long weekend. The playlist starts off with two new tracks,  off of the “Millionaires” album from Philly duo, 2Mil. The first track is called “Keisha” followed by “Window” and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the refreshing R&B feel. We had the chance to speak with the ladies of 2Mil last week so you’ll be able to get to know them soon. Stay tuned for the interview! After that we switch it up a bit to give you some dancehall vibes right into a little bit of turn up and then finish it out with some smooth jams.
Once again shoutout to New Music Revolution, Joe Hovas, HypeFresh, UpComingHipHop, #HHBU, YesJulz and all of the amazing people that help us discover new music on the daily.
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