Warning, you might end up dancing in your seat after listening to this weeks playlist.

Today we deliver some BANGERS to enjoy throughout this lovely Tuesday afternoon. So whether you’re just getting back from lunch and need that pick-me-up to get you through the rest of the day, or you need a break from that professor who just loves to push your buttons, we’re here to save your day. Just press PLAY above and let the music help you escape.
The first song on the playlist is a new track from Philly’s own GoodGirl. We’ve been keeping up with their movement for some time┬ánow and while they slayed this track with Joie Kathos, this new jawn is a great follow up record that had us dancing in our seats. That record is followed up by Nova featuring Krs and BNJMN, “Jealou$” which is definitely another one of our favs from today’s playlist.
A few new artists that we discovered and fell in love with include LETJO, with “Come Through And Chill”, SABA with “Symmetry” and Nick Varcity with “It’s OK.” You’ll have to press play to find out the rest!
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