Whack is Back! Tierra Whack surprises us all with her new track “Child Please”

It’s been a whopping TEN months since Tierra Whack has blessed us with some new music. During this time she kept us all entertained with her witty and straight up hilarious tweets while also teasing us with song snippets, and now Tierra Whack gave us a very pleasant surprise yesterday when she released her new track “Child Please.”
Her announcement said “happy birthday everybody” which is hilarious because it really did feel like everyone’s birthday.

When people are actually THANKING you for dropping your music, you know you got something. Whack had Twitter on lock yesterday. You couldn’t scroll down your timeline without seeing people tweeting about her new song, which currently has close to 5000 organic plays on Soundcloud after being released just 24 hours ago.
Hopefully Tierra doesn’t wait another 10 months before blessing us with another track because we’re not sure if we can handle that kind of suspense.
Check out “Child Please” (above) and make sure you follow @TierraWhack on Twitter.