Turn Your Tuesday Into A #TastyTuesday With Some New Music.

We hope that you had a lovely Memorial Day weekend. You’re probably recovering from all that partying today so we added some really mellow tunes. We’re really excited about this list because well, new music gets us excited! Especially music from artists that we’ve been WAITING on, like 2Mil from Philly. They aren’t new to the Philly scene, but as a duo they’re pretty new and we’ve been waiting on them to drop some tracks on us for a while now, so when we logged on to Soundcloud two days ago we were surprised to see they posted a track called “Gettin It.” The track is so smooth and definitely gets us excited to hear what they have in store for us next!
An artist who frequents Taste Creators is Nova. This week we added his song “Whitley” to the list. He’s just so consistent we can’t resist! A new edition to this list is an artist named Kevin Clarke. We don’t know much about him yet but we came across his song “Tsunami” aaand lets just say it’s on repeat. There’s really so much awesome music on this list that we would be sitting here writing about it for hours, so we’ll just shut up and let you enjoy the music.
Much love to Kim Chanel, Tim from RecPhilly, and the Taste Creators team for constantly sharing new music with us!
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