Here we are in the middle of the year, and already so much great music has been released — from a new Kanye West album to a new project released by none other than Chance the Rapper, it is needless to say that 2016 has been a great year for music. Today, we decided to highlight those projects you may or may not have heard of (it’s easy to get lost with all the new sounds and new artist), nonetheless, you should have been paying attention to these young and talented musical acts who are up next.

Sunni Coloń – Thierry Disko

 You’re going to be jamming to the 70’s funk inspired “Thierry Disko” all summer. With sounds influenced from Stevie Wonder, Daft Punk to Frank Ocean and some sounds from The Neptunes, it is hard not to like Sunnis’ smooth delivery. Songs like “Way You Talk About Me“, “pussyaintTHATPINK“, and “California Diamond” will have you in complete reminiscence as you drive away with the top down into the sunset.

Miles Chancellor – No Mans Island

With great reflections to the book “Lord Of The Flies” — Miles Chancellor’s debut album, “No Mans Island“, literally takes you from one place to another. With complex production from BNYX, sketcho, Ignorvnce, Buenoditit, and more — No Man’s Island is by far one of the most cohesive projects to drop this year.

Peyton – Roller Coaster EP

The Houston bred songtress, Peyton, delivers more than vibes — she delivers life. I found out about Peyton during my Soundcloud escapade months ago, and I have not been able to turn her off. Songs like “Aerial” and “Tell Me” are amongst my favorites off the 7-track EP, but there are plenty other songs that will lift you off your feet. Listen to Roller Coaster EP once, and you’ll soon find yourself reciting the whole project word for word.

Kamaiyah – A Good Night in the Ghetto

Kamaiyah. Kamaiyah. This Oakland, CA born artist is on her way to super-stardom with her recently acclaimed tape “A Good Night in the Ghetto“. Kamaiyah has already been co-signed by YG and a host of others due to her strict West-coast style rap and ability to make more than a great song. It won’t be long until Kamaiyah is a household name and you are dancing in the club to one of her hits like “How Does It Feel” or “F*ck It Up“.

Haasan Barclay – Heaven is Your Last Dream

Heaven is Your Last Dream” is a gathered collective of synths and guitar riffs. This project made the list because it is that of early Kid Cudi. Throughout this magnificent “Mona Lisa” you’ll find a little bit of everything, but some songs that really caught my attention were “Get You, Right?” featuring Sarah Martin, “The Exorcist“, and “Yoshimitsu featuring Michael Christmas. Haasan Barclay is a reinvention and a reincarnation weather you like it or not, he’s going to make a mark on the music industry. You cannot deny his talent.

Fidel Sun – Valley Sun

Valley Sun comes in a burst of new sounds with the same outlooks that todays music reflects, but it is done in a rather complex way. You’ve never heard a project like this, especially from Philadelphia. The duo, Fidel and DJ Sylo, are definitely opening the gate to more experimental music to pass through the Philadelphia streets and music industry period. I really enjoyed songs like “Capricorn” which is the opening track, and “Wolves“. Take your time to listen to this well thought-out love story, filled with vulnerability and vice, you’ll love it.

Andrea Valle – The Way It Goes EP

This soft-voiced singer has set the bar high for new school R&B. Andrea Valle reminds me of a younger Erykah Badu or Jill Scott — that’s a heavy title, but she’s got everything it takes to leave a mark like those two already have. her hit song “One Question” has already surpassed 26,000 plays in a short time followed up by “Take Me Up” which very soon will hit 10,000. Andrea’s numbers and talent definitely add up.