Here are 4 things indie artists need to know before releasing their music.

In today’s music, being independent is the trend of the future. With labels not being what they once were and streaming sites pretty much taking over the distribution part of it themselves, more is expected from these self-employed emcees despite the fact that their music is ultimately reached more efficiently.
What I mean is that these artists are more responsible with the business and promotional side of their music just as much as they are with the music that they make. This means, hiring a team themselves that they can trust to handle their management, PR and whatever else the artist may need a hand in. I’m one that is all for the idea of being their own boss; isn’t that the American dream? But here are some things that you independent artists should definitely keep in mind when handling your own business.
Original Beats/Production:
In order for your music to stand out, originality is key. Despite what you may see on your favorite blog or streaming platform, it’s never cool to sound like someone else. It’s nice to pay homage time and time again but always remain true to yourself and create music that you feel. That said, having original production is very necessary when trying to make serious waves with your music. Working with a select few producers to mold your sound can really benefit you. Stay away from “Type Beats” on Soundcloud, YouTube and other platforms. Original songs are needed to have an actual career. Aside from originality, your songs need to be properly mixed and mastered to be taken seriously by DJs, radio stations, and blogs. Tracks can’t be mastered without it being tracked out (meaning if the engineer needs to lower volume of an instrument, they should be able to), which means in order to properly master your song, you need to have the files from the producer. Remember, when attempting to launch a campaign, every single penny counts; especially if you want to MAKE MONEY from work. Why waste your precious time and money recording music that isn’t going to make you stand out or make you money?
Videos and Visuals:
We live in a generation where seeing is more important than believing. You may be an artist who has the most potential and talent in the world but without a dope visual to go along with your dope audio, your work is only half effective. You may be able to get by without dropping a music video at first but the ultimate goal after you have grabbed listeners attention with your songs is to turn them into viewers. This takes your song to another level as well as building anticipation for more songs/vids from your fans. This no doubt is one of the best marketing strategies and promotion for a new artists as it gives you a chance to introduce yourself to your supporters face to face. And we’re not just talking about music videos either. Video content in general is key. Give your fans a behind the scenes glance at the hard work you put in by putting out videos of your recording process, performance videos, rehearsal videos and anything else you can think of to keep your fans entertained and in the loop.
Effective Promotion:
You’ll find when an artist has a decent buzz the promotion will a lot of times take care of itself. However, when dealing with  new artists, this is the most important part of the journey whether it’s choosing an already established promo team or building one yourself. Without consistent and effective promotion, you’re just an artist no one has heard of. It’s important to believe in yourself just as much as you want your supporters to. Remember, you have to be your number one fan before someone else becomes it. This means promo videos, flyers and consistent posts reminding listeners to your upcoming work while also making sure you’re not spamming people with you music link at the same time. This also could mean releasing a new track every week or two. This is a beneficial tactic given the artist is providing his listeners with quality music each time. Always keep “quality over quantity” in mind. Constantly reminding listeners of your work ethic with good quality music is what they’ll respect the most. Kanye’s “G.O.O.D. Fridays” would be a good example for this. Remember who you’re doing it for; don’t ever think you’re too good for your fans. I know it’s fun to think that you’re already a rock-star but tell that to the guy in Kentucky that’s never heard of you.
A Professional Brand:
Branding yourself is arguably the most major key to an artist’s success. In music, first impressions are everything so make sure you come correct.
PR specialist and business coach, Brianna DeMayo from Exclusive Public gave us her expertise:

“In the music industry a book is definitely judged by it’s cover. So before you go out there and start promoting like crazy, you want to make sure that you look the part and that you’re presenting things in a professional manner. When you go to the store every product has a label on it that separates it from the rest and lets you know what it’s about. Certain packaging of a product really catches your eyes, while others get completely overlooked. When it comes to promoting your music and building your fanbase, you have to make sure that your presentation is professional and represents your music properly. At minimum, this means having professional photos, a professionally written bio and some sort of press kit. If you really want to step it up a few notches you’ll have a website [] and some well designed merch. I can go on and on about this topic, but overall the point is, make sure that your presentation is just as hot as the music, to avoid your music being overlooked.”

So as you can see, there’s a lot that goes into getting your music and brand out there and honestly these are just the basics. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to build momentum, grow your fan base and get the results that you want and deserve.
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