#30DayMusicChallenge Day 4: A song that reminds you of somebody you would rather forget about.

Lately it’s been heavy on my mind you know/ I feel like we ain’t give each other time to grow/ You know I’m on the grind I got a shine and glow/ Even though you got a man that pussy’s mine fasho.

Big Sean – “Memories Faded

Now, I’m not the hugest Big Sean fan in the world–but mans’ kicking some real shit in these lyrics. *Island Drake voice*

Actually, if I sit here and think about it; I’m not sure I’ve ever technically had a successful break-up. You may be asking, “What in the world is a SUCCESSFUL break-up??” Well internet readers, I’ll tell you. A successful break-up is the EXACT opposite of what Sean is talking about on this verse. When you’re able to move on with your life and not say things like, “even though you got a man, that pussy’s mine fasho,” you’ve had a successful break-up.

But those are no fun! What’s love without a little bit of heartache and a screaming match, am I right? Which brings us to the topic for Day 4 of our Music Challenge Series: Name a song that reminds you of somebody, you’d rather forget about….. This should be a good time.

For Day 4 of the Series, there was really only ever one choice and that choice is, “Never Sure” by San Diego native Rossi Rock. For those of you unfamiliar with the Suav City general — do you fuckin’ homework!! — Rossi is an eccentric, yet oddly down-to-earth rapper out of South Bay, San Diego with a distinct style that’s miles away from what we here today. Buoyed by an affiliation with Bodega Bamz’ TanBoys clique, as well as the quickly-growing Private Club Records; Rock is slowly but surely becoming one of the hottest up and comers on the West Coast. His recently released EP, Pony, drew rave reviews and featured the buzzing single, “Tell Me” featuring Private Club frontman, 24Hrs.

But, Pony comes later. This all started with Rock’s Agassi tape, and that pesky, “Never Sure” track.


Same ways you hate me, the same ways I made you mine.

– Rossi Rock – “Never Sure”

I first encountered Rock while attending a Rob $tone listening party with my girlfriend at the time (strike one), who also happened to double as my photographer (strike 2). Rob’s manager introduced me to the burgeoning rapper, hoping to help strike a connection between us two. Rossi had just released his Agassi tape and was started to reach a buzz in the city. Me being there for Rob — who was on his way to going platinum — I wasn’t that pressed to meet with an indie, I’ll admit.

My girl — let’s just call her Joy for identification purposes — had happened to see the memorable cover for his project online, recognized him and urged me to continue speaking with him. Joy had an uncanny ear for music, so I took his number down & saved his tape to my Soundcloud to listen in the car.

Once Joy and I got to the car, I played the tape, and it blew me away within the first three songs. His voice had this weird ability to both infectious and hungry at the same time. Versatility bursted through the speakers on full display during songs like, “2002“, “That’s My Lady” & the Bamz assisted “Suav City Pt. II.”  Being obsessive about new music, I kept the tape on repeat the whole night (strike 3, you’reeeee out).

That’s when all hell broke loose.

While driving back home, Joy and I got started on one of our weekly, daily, hourly arguments about absolutely nothing. As always, I kept music playing in the background of our shouting matches in hopes that maybe, just maybe — the right Solange, Eli Sostre, Moonchild track would come on and lighten the mood. This time though, I let Agassi rock.

We argued through the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee album, literally about nothing. I’m 90% sure me being high all of the time was one of the main topics. I really can’t remember. Either way, we just kept going — it was wild.

Until the last track, “Never Sure.”

As soon as the words, “You weren’t in love with me, you were only in love with the feeling,” serenaded out of Eileen Sho Ji‘s — formerly Elieezus — mouth, Joy stopped in her tracks. She stopped talking and just listened. Not to me, but to the song.

I was confused, and a bit pissed that she wasn’t listening to what I had to say anymore…. until Rossi said the words, “& loaded I am, but I let em go. Just give me one night, like I’m Lil’ Boat. Might fall asleep, I’m a lil’ throwed. Woke up, you gon’ left a little note.”

Guard = down.

Without getting to sappy and descriptive, you’re safe to assume that we made up that night, for the time being. The reasons that song stopped both of us in our tracks that night, in a weird way, highlighted some of the exact problems that we had in our relationship. Within the following next few months — which you’ll be able to chronicle by the end of this series — our relationship began to deteriorate; with reality taking the place of love, lust and innocence.


Agassi by Rossi Rock

You know I can’t hold a job, but I’ll hold that waist up, put your face down. Told me I should do me, fuck what they sound like. But I didn’t listen.

– Rossi Rock – “Never Sure”

But none of that matter for the night. All that mattered to us in those moments of  vulnerability were forgiveness, and that record. As you probably guessed, I haven’t listened to this song in quite sometime… until today. Might as well call this the #30DayFEEEEELZchallenge.