#30DayMusicChallenge Day 3: A Song That Reminds You Of Summertime

Ahhh… Summers coming, can you feel it?

Today, I got to work, sat at my desk, looked at my emails and quaintly noticed one thing…. Yahoo said it was 104 degrees outside!? Mind you, I get to work at 7:30 AM so it’s not like this is midday heat — more like, “top of the morning, let’s get this sweat poppin'” type of heat. Granted, I live in Las Vegas, so I guess I can’t be mad at anybody but myself for choosing to dwell in the desert during it’s most scorching period; but fuck summer.

Although Hip-Hop has provided some of my favorite music during the heat streaks, the months of June, July and August have always ranked among my least favorite. I’m a winter guy, through and through–bring on the puffy jackets, ambient music and christmas movies. So it’s no surprise, that when Day 3 of the #30DayMusicChallenge called for a song that, “reminded me of summer,” I went full-blown emo and chose Brooklyn crooner Eli Sostre’s, “Vibe With.”


Let’s get one thing straight from the jump, “Vibe With” is NOT a summer song…. usually. The depressing lyrics, warped hi-hats and leaned out drum kicks share ZERO musical similarities with BBQ staples like, “Summertime“, “Gin & Juice” or even “Slide“. For me though, the song couldn’t embody the spirit of summer anymore than it already does.

To understand my affinity to this song, you’d have to first understand where I was in life when this song was being blared through my speakers. Last summer, I was in the midst of realizing that the woman that I was putting all my chips behind, probably wasn’t going to be in my life the following year. Arguments about money, social media, time and commitment to the relationship completely plagued what could’ve been and it was all set to the soundtrack of Mr. Sostre.

“I only trip when I’m drunk, all this liquor I’m on/ Don’t care about what I need but always get what you want” & “Yeah you just don’t understand me, that’s cause you don’t take the time” were lyrics I sang my heart out to during my 2-hour drives back and forth from Los Angeles to San Diego. It’s during those trips home from covering shows in LA — one by Sostre himself — listening to this track, that I started realizing my whole life was about to change.

The reality of Sostre’s emotional testimonies in not only this track, but the rest of the Still Up All Night project as well, started to be embedded into my brain during those warm summer nights, driving down the 805 freeway. I can still feel the mixture of sorrow entering my body as I started to come to grips with what was happening, combined with the sheer excitement to get home to my lady. Summer’s weird.